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J. B. Leftwich Story (107K)
J. B. Leftwich Obituary (28K)
J. B. Leftwich Leaves Living Legacy (16K)

A Bit Of History (9K)
A Farm Wife's Cunning Gave Us Running Water (181K)
A Lead Pipe Cinch Later On. Alright? (12K)
A New Name And A Friendship That Was (199K)
A Tale Of A Flirt - And What Her Flirting Led To (158K)
A Tribute To The Irish, Especially Samuel Fitzpatrick (10K)
A Vicarious Midnight Rendezvous With Denny (10K)
About Beardless Abe & Eleagnus (9K)
About Plymouth Rocks And Throwing Rocks (9K)
About Thanksgiving, Old Grandad (9K)
About Trap-Lines And A Neighbor's Dilemma (9K)
Ah, But Rain Did Fall In Camelot (12K)
Ah, Romance! (10K)
An Old Dog Learns New Computer Tricks (11K)
And Now A Word For The Other Son (9K)
Anna Francis Haggard's ‘Success’ (10K)
Basket, TV Control Pull Dirty Deed (8K)
Birdwatching Is Fascinating From The Backyard (9K)
Birth Of A Legend In Our Community (11K)
Black Families Left A Legacy For Progeny (91K)
Blue Highways (34K)
Book Of Daniel (10K)
Book Of Life Could Reveal Stray Genes (10K)
Can Modern Poetry Get Past Vulgarity? (9K)
Can't Relax? Here's How To Go To Sleep In Your Own Bed (8K)
Celestial Dogs (9K)
Computer Techniques Enliven Old Photo (10K)
Confronting Problems Of Planet Pluto (11K)
Coping With A Whim And A Hesitant Voice (9K)
Coping With High Costs Of Dying (11K)
Depositors Didn't Lose Money When Bank Closed (9K)
Faded Images Yield To A New Wave Of Vigor (72K)
Fledgling Feminist Bent Cross(word)ed Out By Better (9K)
For One Grandpa, Reading Entails A Little Phys-Ed (10K)
Freedom Of Expression (12K)
From A Screen, Old Words Take New Life (11K)
Grandma's Jam Cake (11K)
Have You Ever... (9K)
Hearing impaired are MADASHELL (10K)
Herbie And The Loose Engine (10K)
How A Sunday School Teacher Fumbled (10K)
How He Sirvived At The Royal Table (11K)
How I Spent My Summer Vacation (11K)
How I Told Him About My Grandchildren (9K)
How Other People Become Cranky And Annoyed (10K)
If You’re Of Scot Descent (9K)
Language Use Sometimes Ain't Elegant (9K)
Lesson of Listening Too Late in the Learning (9K)
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (10K)
Let’s Plike Clinton Makes Surprise Choice (9K)
Lonely Train Whistle Called (37K)
Mama Said: ‘Tend To Your Thinking, Let God Tend To His’ (13K)
Memories Are Made From This (11K)
Mother's Day And Remembering Mama (12K)
Moving From Saturday Night Live To Gray's ‘Elegy’ (8K)
My Crime Spree Was Tasty But Short-Lived (9K)
Nature Claims Land As Forests Thrive Where Corn Grew (128K)
Not The Valley Of The Shadow (12K)
Oh, Esau! Where Art Thou, Brother? (12K)
Old People Are Afraid They'll Miss Something (11K)
Old Village Schoolhouse A Fount Of New Possibilities (11K)
On Catching Heck For Not Catching A Baseball (10K)
On Editing Long Forgotten Home Movies (9K)
Post Katrina Thoughts (12K)
Recalling Our Mules On Patrick's Anniversary (8K)
Reflecting On Buffalo Valley School (384K)
Remembering Aunt Sis And Cotton Britches Winter (18K)
Remembering Day With Old Granddad (32K)
Rice Tower At CHMA And The Unusual Bottle Of Cologne (10K)
Rural Peddlers Of Long Ago (10K)
Saga Of A Mower And Of Waning Power (12K)
Snow Bound (10K)
Sweethearts Forever (24K)
The Funeral Of John Quincy Adams Meselin (10K)
The Indignity Of Losing To A Squirrel (11K)
The Legend Of UT's Jared (55K)
The ‘Shock’ Of Owning A Telephone (13K)
The Zest And Exuberance Of Oklahoma! (12K)
Things I Had Rather Not Be (9K)
Thinking, Existing, What If Inverse Is True? (9K)
This New Year's Resolution She Kept For Him (9K)
Thus Spaketh Zarqbok? (9K)
Uncle Dave Gave Us Boasting Rights (8K)
Uncle Sam Was A Good Guy (55K)
Voice Of The Turtledove Again Heard In The Land (10K)
Voice Sets Emotion In Motion (10K)
When Banks Paid Their Tabs (9K)
When Life Was Simpler, And Families Cared (22K)
Why Granddaddy Exploded That Spring (8K)

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