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Smellage Cemetery
Smellage Cemetery Story (98K)
Smellage Cemetery Stories (729K)
Smellage Cemetery Old Section (1.97M)
Smellage Memory Gardens (835K)
Smellage Cemetery Census Records (933K)
Smellage Cemetery Obts. (7.24M)
Smellage Veterans (188K)
Smellage Cemetery 2008 Memorial Candlelight Ceremony (69K)
Decoration Day at Smellage Cemetery May 2008 (2.01M)
Hendley/Wells Historical Marker At Smellage Cemetery (369K)

Cookeville City Cemetery
Cookeville Cemetery Obts A-B (4.15M)
Cookeville Cemetery Obts C (1.87M)
Cookeville Cemetery Obts D-G (3.92M)
Cookeville Cemetery Obts H-K (3.50M)
Cookeville Cemetery Obts L-M (3.97M)
Cookeville Cemetery Obts N-S (4.51M)
Cookeville Cemetery Obts T-Z (3.24M)
Biographies/Stories - Cookeville City Cemetery (638K)

Crest Lawn Cemetery
Crest Lawn Cemetery Obts A-B (3.28M)
Crest Lawn Cemetery Obts C-G (4.71M)
Crest Lawn Cemetery Obts H-M (6.99M)
Crest Lawn Cemetery Obts N-S (4.58M)
Crest Lawn Cemetery Obts T-Z (2.87M)

Cemeteries & Graveyards
A. B. Thompson Family Cemetery (24K)
Albert Dyer Graveyard (13K)
Alcorn Family Cemetery (15K)
Algood Cemetery (3.22M)
Algood Cemetery Expansion (33K)
Algood Heritage Cemetery (694K)
Allen-Anderson Cemetery (21K)
Amonett Family Graveyard (8K)
Apple Cemetery (118K)
Barnes Cemetery (44K)
Daniel Morgan Bartlett Graveyard (30K)
Bartlett - Alcorn Cemetery (64K)
Baxter City Cemetery (75K)
Bennett Graveyard (11K)
Billy T. Ensor Graveyard (6K)
Bird S. Jones Cemetery (35K)
Bloomington Springs Cemetery (122K)
Bockman Graveyard (182K)
Bohannon Cemetery (362K)
Bohannon Church Cemetery (363K)
Boiling Springs Cemetery (950K)
Boma (New Home) Cemetery (1.62M)
Bradford Family Cemetery (136K)
Brewington Graveyard (20K)
Brotherton Cemetery (1.24M)
Bryant Cemetery (57K)
Buck Cemetery (795K)
Bullington Cemetery (199K)
Burton-Ashburn Cemetery (219K)
Bush Cemetery (7K)
Byrd L. Jones Cemetery (55K)
Campbell Graveyard (12K)
Capt. Prettyman Jones Sr. Family Graveyard (421K)
Carlen Cemetery (291K)
Carr Cemetery (343K)
Carr Cemetery #2 (117K)
Cash Cemetery (72K)
Christian Cemetery (50K)
Clouse Cemetery (402K)
Cole-Maddux Family Graveyard (67K)
Cooke Cemetery (332K)
Cooper Cemetery (8K)
Countiss Graveyard (31K)
Dodson Branch Cemetery (1.13M)
Double Springs Cemetery (2.85M)
Decoration Day Tradition Continues In Double Springs (9K)
Edmonds Graveyard (10K)
Farmer Cemetery (140K)
Fate Bartlett Graveyard (112K)
Fox Family Cemetery (284K)
G. V. Herren Cemetery (441K)
Gentry Cemetery (242K)
Goolsby Cemetery (75K)
Haynes Cemetery (10K)
Helms Family Graveyard (13K)
Henry Huddleston Family Graveyard (6K)
Henry Jones Graveyard (8K)
Hensley Cemetery (330K)
Herald-Clemons Cemetery (15K)
Holladay Family Graveyard (35K)
Holly-LaFever Cemetery (118K)
Hugh Wallace Cemetery (41K)
Hughes Cemetery (182K)
J. J. White Cemetery (now called White Cemetery) (87K)
James Alexander “Jim” Boyd Cemetery (260K)
James Cason Cemetery (176K)
James Matterson Brewington Cemetery (49K)
Jared-Huddleston Family Graveyard (113K)
Jarratt Fitzgerald Cemetery (11K)
Jesse Jared Family Cemetery (149K)
Joe Bob Allison Cemetery (6K)
John Boyd Cemetery (33K)
Jonathan Buck Cemetery (32K)
Joseph "Joe" Haywood Jared Cemetery (107K)
Joseph Jared Cemetery (86K)
Judd Cemetery (389K)
Judd Church Cemetery (650K)
Layton Bryant Graveyard (26K)

Cemeteries & Graveyards
Lee Family Cemetery (13K)
Leftwich Cemetery (268K)
John Seay Lewis Family Cemetery (now called Lewis Cemetery) (150K)
Loftis & West Cemetery (8K)
Lovelady Cemetery (143K)
Maddux Cemetery (941K)
Maddux-Elrod Cemetery (37K)
Maddux Graveyard (871K)
Robert F. Maddux Cemetery (13K)
T. J. Maddux Cemetery (122K)
Mahan Cemetery (100K)
Marlow Cemetery (129K)
Martin Cemetery (180K)
Martin Family Graveyard (80K)
Mathis-Hunter-Patton Cemetery (138K)
Mathis–Jared–Shoemake Graveyard (10K)
Matt Hickey Family Cemetery (19K)
Maxwell Cemetery (68K)
Maxwell Cemetery North (695K)
Maxwell Cemetery South (380K)
Maynard Cemetery (337K)
McBroom Cemetery, Bloomington Springs (225K)
McBroom Cemetery #2 (120K)
Medley Graveyard (66K)
Medley – Garner Graveyard (5K)
Morrison Creek Church Of Christ Cemetery (11K)
Negro Cemetery (4K)
Oakley Loftis Family Cemetery (35K)
Odd Fellows Cemetery (4.82M)
Historical Ghost Tales Of Odd Fellows Cemetery (43K)
Officer’s Chapel Cemetery (117K)
Old Holladay Cemetery (19K)
Old "Mat" Loftis Cemetery (73K)
Palmer Cemetery (548K)
Pearson Family Cemetery (21K)
Pharris Cemetery (478K)
Phillips Cemetery (463K)
Phy Cemetery (7K)
Pioneer Cemetery Restored (146K)
Plunket Family Graveyard (24K)
Rash Cemetery (656K)
Richard Lee Cemetery (11K)
Rock Hill Cemetery (136K)
Rock Springs Cemetery (1.10M)
Rollins Cemetery (149K)
Russell-Apple Cemetery (47K)
Shanks Cemetery (353K)
Shipley Church Cemetery (1.40M)
Silver Point Cemetery (27K)
Silver Point Cemetery Memorial Day Program (113K)
Smith’s Chapel Cemetery (1.14M)
Smyrna Cemetery (1.59M)
Spears Cemetery (74K)
Stamps Cemetery (170K)
Stewart Cemetery, Boma (Baxter) (135K)
Stewart Cemetery, Cookeville (458K)
Swallows Cemetery (33K)
Thurman Mathis Cemetery (06K)
Tightfit Cemetery (305K)
Tucker Graveyard (104K)
Tucker Ridge Cemetery (150K)
Vaughn Cemetery (46K)
W. F. Sadler Graveyard (301K)
Wallace Family Graveyard (9K)
Wallace-Anderson Cemetery (54K)
Watson Cemetery (9K)
West Cemetery (541K)
West End Church of Christ Cemetery (260K)
West Graveyard (5.26M)
West Graveyard-Shady Grove (5K)
Whitson Cemetery (208K)
William Jared Cemetery (584K)
William “Plunk” Whitson Cemetery (42K)
Winchester Family Graveyard (189K)
William V. Winchester Family Graveyard (18K)
Woodfork Maxwell Cemetery (90K)
Young Family Cemetery (56K)
Young-Bartlett Cemetery (122K)
Young-McDonald Graveyard (38K)

Funeral Homes
Crest Lawn Funeral Home (55K)
Crest Lawn Funeral Home Employees (49K)
Jack Carver Funeral Home Receipt (39K)
Jack Carver Funeral Home Records (137K)

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