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Walter S. McClain
A History Of Putnam County Tennessee with Index (770K)
The Early Days Of Putnam County (11K)
Lemuel Rucks McClain, M.D. (119K)
Walter Steven McClain (1.35M)
William McClain Will (8K)

Putnam County
Addine Dow (73K)
African Americans In The News (89K)
Alexander Myatt (77K)
Alice Keith Ford (176K)
Algood To Buy White Plains (55K)
Annual Methodist Conference (63K)
Archivist Glenn Jones’ Home (95K)
Bank’s Clock Tower A Nod To Putnam County History (152K)
Believers in the American Dream (118K)
Betty Stark Recording Family History (72K)
Bilbrey Named Algood Officer Of The Year (31K)
Black Families Left A Legacy For Progeny (91K)
Blake Baker Thackston Sr. & Jr. (210K)
A Blessing To Be Able To Give Back (30K)
The Bloody Eighth (18K)
Bob Reed (83K)
Bob’s Body Shop And Salvage (83K)
Bobby And Jean Davis (85K)
Book Captures GPS Locations of Putnam County Communities (43K)
Book Looks At History Of Blacks In The Upper Cumberland (69K)
Book To Feature Stories By Putnam County Residents (266K)
The ‘Boys Band’ Lives On (195K)
Beulah Brown Wilhite Huddleston (38K)
Burton’s Chapel (66K)
Calvin & Glendol (Carr) Stewart Story (137K)
Canadian Couple Assisting With Archives (90K)
Carving a Niche (116K)
Center Hill Dam (99K)
Center Hill Dam Progress (80K)
The Central Basin of Putnam County (4K)
Charles H Whitney (17K)
Cherry Hill - A Local History (73K)
Choate Ornamental (41K)
Christine Sadler Coe (137K)
Cicero Constantine Stone (58K)
Civil District Map - Putnam Co TN - 1870 & 1880 (122K)
Civil War in KY & TN (47K)
Civil War Soldiers From Putnam Co., TN (732K)
Clara Jane Cox Epperson (209K)
Clara Jane Cox Epperson Articles (23K)
Clarence B. Palk Jr. WWII (7K)
Claude Douglas Gentry (10K)
Commission To Consider Resolution For County's Birthday (67K)
County Archivist At Work (32K)
The County Asylum (5K)
The County Farm Poor House (133K)
COVID-19 in Putnam County, TN (658K)
Crossville WWII POW Camp (76K)
Cumberland Presbyterian Started Here In 1854 (40K)
Cummins Falls (91K)
Dallas Smith (114K)
Dean Of Tennessee Soil & Water Conservation Districts (184K)
Death of Old Cumberland River Captain (35K)
Debunking 'Witches Graveyards' (64K)
Deputy Sheriff Orville Moss Dies After Being Shot In Raid (23K)
Digitizing Records Could Take Years (39K)
Dinosaur Museum (45K)
Do You Know? By Quimby Dryer (6K)
Do You Remember (141K)
A Donation Of ‘Biblical’ Proportions (54K)
Dr. Eddie Deal Gross (93K)
Dr. Jack Loved Delivering Babies (28K)
Dr. Luther M. Freeman (224K)
Dr. Sam Barnes Goes Back To School (40K)
Dr. Thurman Shipley (26K)
Dr. Wallace Prescott (70K)
Doctors Of Putnam County And Surrounding Areas A-L (1.17M)
Doctors Of Putnam County And Surrounding Areas M-Z (1.38M)
Doll Museum To Open In Patton House Saturday (158K)
Double Springs In The News (75K)
Dowsing: Putnam Woman Communicates With The Dead (46K)
East Side Service Station (58K)
Eclipse Crowds (63K)
Elmer Winningham (72K)
Ensor Bottom Church Reaches Mile Stone (6K)
Entrepreneur Legacy: John D. Stites (207K)
Ethiopia By Lt. Col. Angela Roberts Stout (82K)
Excerpts from A History Of Putnam County Tennessee (34K)
Fair Seeking Photos From Fairs Past (53K)
Favorite Recipes Of Putnam County (406K)
Federal Courthouse Meets National Register Criteria (140K)
First N. And K. Train Came Here (29K)
First Presbyterian Church Marks 100th (88K)
Five Drowned As Boat Sinks At Burgess Falls (158K)
Fort Blount Cabin (294K)
Frances Ensor Benedict (108K)
From The UC To D.C. (41K)
Gene S. Medley Story (128K)
Gen. George Dibrell's Pistol (58K)
General Israel Putnam (52K)
German Soldier Captures Different View Of Wwi (42K)
Goff Drug Store (105K)
Graeme McGregor Smith (117K)
Guerrila Bands (12K)
The Gunter Tragedy (403K)
Harding Studio (325K)
Harold Funk (50K)
Haunting Voices Speak Of Civil War Times (38K)
Health & Health Care (24K)
The Heart Of A Naturalist (43K)
Hidden Hollow Story (1.31M)
Historian Calvin Dickinson (34K)
Historian Tracks Down Randolph Family Band (90K)
Historic Spelling Match Continues At Smith Chapel (32K)
Historic Tree May Fall For Power Line (60K)
History Museum Celebrates Jere Whitson (59K)
History Of Putnam County Newspapers (9K)
History Of Silver Point (93K)
History Of Washington Academy, Andrews and Bloomington Colleges (46K)
Hooper-Huddleston & Horner Funeral Home (74K)
Hop T. Lee Cemetery (23K)
Hotel Shanks (182K)
How Putnam Got Its Name (23K)
Jack McNeely Publisher of the Herald-Citizen Newspaper (18K)
James R. Burgess Jr. Family (173K)
Jasper Bailey (118K)
Jennie Ivey (193K)
Jerry’s Barber Shop (70K)
Joan Pitt Rew Derryberry (25K)
Joe L. Evins (38K)
Joe Milton Ashburn Rural Mail Carrier (78K)
John's Place Home Of The John Dog (45K)
John's Place Makes National Register (40K)
Johns Theatre Family (288K)
Joseph Roberts: Pioneer Of Mine Lick Creek (12K)
Judge Leon Burns (90K)
Judge Summarizes History Of Fairs (15K)
Judy Duke - Hello Little Darlin's (103K)
Kim Blaylock’s Last Day (32K)
Larry Slaboda Local History Enthusiast (60K)
Lee Ander Allen Family (57K)
Lee Family Celebrates 70 Years In Wood Business (132K)
Leo Winfree Has Stories To Tell (7K)
Lester Perry Buck's Plumbing (54K)
The Liberty Herald: 28 August 1895 (10K)
Life As It Used to Be (49K)
Local Activist Grabbed the Attention of Martin Luther King Jr. (24K)
Local Museums Offer Plenty To See (34K)
Lonnie And Jessie Mabrey (145K)
Maddux And Massa Store (8K)
Maddux Hardware Store (425K)
Major Richard Fielding Cooke (178K)
Margaret Duke Jones (511K)
Marriage of J. T. & Rosemary (Piepmeier) DeBerry (11K)
Martin Wright and Robert Lynn Draper (131K)
Mary Hopson Sentenced For Mail Fraud (10K)
Mary Jo Denton Retires (68K)
Maurine Ensor Patton (1.10M)
Maurine Ensor Patton Memorial Highway (199K)
Maxwell - Farley (9K)
Maxwell Bros. Grocery Co. (7K)
McBroom Chapel To Have First Service In New Building After Tornado (71K)
Medley Heads Heart Group (117K)
Memories Of This Old Store (14K)
Mike DeLapp (50K)
Mike DeLapp Publisher Retires from Herald-Citizen (25K)
Military Crash Stole Christmas In 1952 (317K)
Modern Building Far Cry From Ancient Log Jail (60K)
Monterey Depot (44K)
Monticello Was First Named As County Site (12K)
Moonshine Memories Of Luke Denny (149K)
Moonshiners Re-Live Lively Past In Area (154K)
Mozelle Medley: A Teacher's Love (36K)
The Murder Of Miss Ova Davis (19K)
Nettie Mae Bradford Hawkins (198K)
New History Photos Introduced Into Downtown District (91K)
News Happenings of Twenty Years Ago (1903) (11K)
Nuggets Of Putnam County History (832K)
Oakley – Ensor Wedding (24K)
Old Mural In Courthhouse Square (49K)
Old Phone Directories Used As Research Tools (29K)
Old Wilson Tree In Danger (36K)
Oldest Recorded Cemeteries In Putnam County (24K)
Paul Knowles and Silas Anderson (639K)
The Pest House (64K)
Pair On The Front Lines Preserving Local History (86K)
The Palms (6K)
The Pest House (64K)
Petition To Create Putnam County (13K)
Pioneer Road Builder’s Memory (13K)
Pippin Bridge (23K)
Police Chief Bill Bilyeu (74K)
Post Offices: DeKalb, Jackson, Putnam and Smith Counties (69K)
Postcards from Putnam Co., TN Past (64K)
Preserving The Upper Cumberland Past (79K)
Preston Farabow (252K)
Public Records Commission Proposes New Archives Building (9K)
Push On To Restore First Fire Truck (128K)
Putnam Co., TN Archives (229K)
Putnam County Celebrates 160 Years (51K)
Putnam County Commissioners Honored (34K)
Putnam County Herald Begins 30th Year Of Publication (69K)
The Putnam County Herald Newsclips 1912 (12K)
Putnam County Herald Newspaper (79K)
Putnam County Houses (1.14M)
Putnam County Laid Three Heroes To Rest This Year (595K)
Putnam County Library Started With Just 12 Books On A Shelf (389K)
Putnam Co TN Sesquicentennial Year – 2004 (12K)
Putnam County Residents (2.30M)
Putnam County Seaching for ‘First Families’ (61K)
Putnam County, Tennessee, 1850 - 1970 (15K)
Putnam Drive-In Theatre (185K)
Putnam Founded on 6 June 1854 (28K)
Quilt Square Has Family Meaning (103K)
Railroading Days – Automobiles and Planes (70K)
Rasma Ekmanis (158K)
Recalls Day First N. And K. Train Came Here (29K)
Reggie Shanks Putnam County Commissioner (67K)
Remembering the Derryberrys (135K)
Reminiscences By Ridley Draper Stone Sr. (12K)
Reveals Newspaper was in City 100 Years Ago (15K)
Rev. James Robert Clayton (67K)
Story of Rev. James R. Clayton (337K)
Rev. Larry Self (327K)
Robert Roe Bockman (162K)
Rock Springs, TN In The News (73K)
Ross Evans Hieatt Jr. (39K)
Sadler Veterans (112K)
Salute To Putnam County (6K)
Sam Howard Greenwood Remembers WWII (86K)
Samuel "Sam" Rankin Bacon (351K)
Seed Dealers (14K)
Senator Charlotte Burks (77K)
Sewing Club (116K)
Shanks Hotel Estate Items for Sale (108K)
Sharpshooter Talks About His 98 Years (61K)
Sheila Haggard Officer (25K)
Sheriff's Department Service Honors Fallen Deputies (442K)
Sheriff Retires Late Detective’s Badge (25K)
Shorty Winningham (156K)
Silas Anderson by Sue Russell (65K)
Silver Point, TN - In The News (70K)
State Senator Charlotte Burks Retires (57K)
Teen Finds Link to Pioneer Past - William Jared Herren (96K)
Tennessee’s Century Farms (253K)
Thomas Jefferson Smith, M. D. (84K)
Thomas Stone Signed the Declaration of Independence (136K)
Todd Jarrell (420K)
Tornado in Putnam Co. and Nashville (1.17M)
Treasures Of Putnam County (354K)
Tribute to Dr. Louis Johnson (117K)
TTU Takes Over Operation Of Large Cattle Farm (21K)
Tuberculosis In Tennessee (27K)
22 Questions – Randy Williams (59K)
22 Questions: Senior Center Director Donna Robinson (29K)
200th Anniversary Of Lt. William Pennington Quarles (269K)
Unfortunate Deaths And Incidents (968K)
Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (342K)
Upper Cumberland Genealogical Association (53K)
Upper Cumberland Horseback Riders Club (149K)
Veterans Day Program At Heritage Pointe Living Center (43K)
Walton Road (97K)
Walton Road, Marina Gunter and Alvin C. Gillem (18K)
Washington Academy in Court (12K)
Wassom And Essex Family (26K)
Watson Bros. & Co. And Cumberland Produce Co. (11K)
Wayne Hogan (146K)
Welcome To Historic Putnam County Tennessee (253K)
Well-Known Attorney John Poteet Dies (19K)
Wendell Presley (9K)
What Makes A Good Mom (32K)
When Pearls Grew Big In Tennessee (79K)
White Plains Holds A Lot Of Local History (124K)
Wilhite Baptist Church Celebrating 80th Year (6K)
William "Bill" Barenkamp (62K)
Williams Wholesale Supply (253K)
The Window Cliff Natural Area (140K)
Woman Bitten By Snake In Effort To ‘Get Holy Ghost’ (13K)

Putnam County Veterans Hall
Putnam County Soldiers Honored in Veterans Hall (2.14M)
Veterans Hall - Putnam Co., TN (1.47M)
Veterans Of Putnam County Tennessee (2.52M)
Veterans Of Putnam County Tennessee (Part 2) (3.03M)
Veterans Of Putnam County Tennessee (Part 3) (3.70M)
Veterans Of Putnam County Tennessee (Part 4) (3.97M)
Veterans Of Putnam County Tennessee (Part 5) (3.10M)
Veterans Of Putnam County Tennessee (Part 6) (3.30M)
Veterans Of Putnam County Tennessee (Part 7) (1.50M)
Veterans Of Putnam County Tennessee (Part 8) (481K)
Veterans Of Putnam County Tennessee (Part 9) (503K)
Putnam Archive Going Online (265K)
Important To Preserve County Records (23K)
Veterans To Be Honored With Luncheon March 31 2017 (118K)

With Our Armed Forces
With Our Armed Forces (2.72M)
Service Record Book (91.22M)
Army Vets Grandmarshals (49K)
Bill Medley’s Life in the Army Air Corp WWII (101K)
Charles Gilbert Galemore Obt. (64K)
Cookeville Veteran Competes For A Cause (35K)
George Bilbrey (46K)
Honoring Veterans (222K)
Jasper Newton “Jap” Bailey Jr. (17K)
John Stafford WWII (31K)
Leonard Maddux Putnam Veteran Reflects On Service (118K)
Lyda Speck Contributed To Atomic Bomb (160K)
Major General Edward F. Dorman, III (311K)
Putnam County Veterans (123K)
Rose E. Raynes Receives Navy Honor (27K)
Rosie the Riverter Ruby Mackie (40K)
Ruby Ray Mackie (60K)
Sterling McCanless (73K)
Veterans Day 2014 (314K)

Forgotten Crossroads
Sign Installed To Mark Historic Bilbrey Station (212K)
Old Buck Mountain Hotel Rediscovered (83K)
Buffalo Valley (114K)
Historical Marker Back At Burnt Stand (76K)
County Archivist Looking For Help From The Community (7K)
Bangham Incorporated (40K)
Blanton Community (63K)
Bloomington Springs (147K)
Boma Community (107K)
Archive Records History of Bohannon Community (71K)
Brotherton Thrived By The Tracks (138K)
Burton Community (45K)
Putnam County Archives Digs Up History On Calf Killer Community (152K)
Ditty Community (144K)
Donald Community Recognized By County Archives (387K)
Elmore Town (50K)
Gentry Community (57K)
Hickey Community (38K)
Holladay Community Dates Back To 1915 (209K)
Hudgens Community Not Forgotten (71K)
Mt. Herman Community (50K)
Nash’s Chapel School (112K)
Peekville (67K)
Archives Highlight Peekville Community (98K)
Phosphate Mines Brought People To Boma (117K)
Pippin Community Had Thriving School (66K)
Putnam County Highways A Roadmap To Success (35K)
Revisiting Putnam County's Historic Hotel Landmarks (12K)
Robert’s Switch (141K)
Saint Luke Community (99K)
Silver Point Almost Forgotten History (83K)
Spotlight Shines On Calfkiller Community (296K)
Tiny And Timeless, Nameless Is Still Thriving (45K)
Twin Oak Community (72K)
White Plains (309K)

Historic School Signs
Free Union School (190K)
Holladay School Had First Local School Busses (173K)

Putnam County Families
Alcorn Family History (62K)
The Barnes Family (23K)
Bates Family: Coleman Troy Bates And Christine Ford Bates (26K)
Bradford Family (295K)
Family Of Alexander Monroe Burton (137K)
History Of The Burton Family (113K)
First Family of Football - The Browns (53K)
Gilbert Everett Boyd Family (51K)
Boyd's In The Military (222K)
John Armstrong Burch (83K)
Bradford Family (293K)
James Nathaniel Cox (6K)
Pioneer Cronk Family (20K)
James & Lois (Herren) Cronk (15K)
Joseph Fred Cronk Family (159K)
Thelma Cunningham (110K)
Descendents Of Henry Davis And Susannah West (157K)
Abraham Ford (40K)
L. B. Garrison (31K)
Viola Simrell Greenwood (33K)
The Haggard Families (154K)
Hargis Family (7K)
Margery Hargrove (90K)
William A. Hensley Sr. (12K)
Kizzie and Mary Ann Johnson (43K)
The Johnson Family in Putnam County (130K)
Florence Whitehead Kelley (104K)
Moss Families In The Military (181K)
The Stacey And Betty Birdwell Mott Family (201K)
Margaret J. Cooley Oaks (47K)
Pippin Family (10K)
John Isaac Pippin Family (134K)
Burton-Quarles And Related Families (143K)
Ann Hawes and William P. Quarles (13K)
Clavis Roberts (203K)
Tommy Allen Roberts Family (94K)
Winfield Scott Roberts Family (457K)
Roberts Families In The Military (262K)
The Robinsons (12K)
Edward D. Robinson (10K)
The Family Of Gross Scruggs Robinson (14K)
William Robinson And Zilpha Burton (11K)
The Sadlers Of Silver Point (83K)
Dr. Thurman Shipley (197K)
Jessie Cleo Sliger (45K)
The John Smellage Family (36K)
Miranda Josephine Winfrey Starnes (87K)
Rev. Robert Emmett Starnes (43K)
Elder Jacob Mattison Stewart (342K)
Dr. Robert William Thurman (25K)
John Tucker (22K)
The Tuckers And Other Families In Double Springs Tennessee (94K)
Mary Coleman (Prentice) Walker (98K)
Juanita Cooper (Johnson) Waller (24K)

Anderson Store In Baxter (39K)
Baxter, TN (1.32M)
Baxter Arsonists Plead Guilty (22K)
Baxter Celebrates Centennial This Week 100 Years (141K)
Baxter Community (103K)
Baxter Flag To Be Unveiled (5K)
Baxter Lands New Restaurant (111K)
Baxter Mayor John Martin (7K)
Baxter's past becomes focus of street fair (78K)
Dipsy Doodle Restaurant (122K)
Former Homestead Lounge Gets Green Light To Open (26K)
Growing Baxter (50K)
May Day At Baxter Seminary (573K)
“Mine Lick” Now Thriving Town Of Baxter (12K)
Mules (84K)
Recycling A Building (168K)
Several Buildings Catch On Fire In Downtown Baxter (180K)
W. J. Julian To Be Honored In Parade (50K)

Baxter Depot
Baxter Celebrates Historic Depot Groundbreaking (138K)
Movement To Rebuild Baxter Depot (262K)
Baxter Depot Finally A Reality (118K)

A Walk Through Cookeville History (599K)
Arthur Daniel Cookeville Transit Line (59K)
Biographies/Stories – Cookeville City Cemetery (638K)
Cookeville’s Bobby Greenwood Has Played Against The Greats (31K)
Cookeville Caver Featured In National Geographic (51K)
Cookeville Central High School Class Photos Recovered (55K)
Cookeville City Lake (94K)
Cookeville Countryside A Little Slice Of Heaven (50K)
Cookeville Depot Centennial 1909-2009 (80K)
Cookeville Fire Department's Oldest Fire Truck Restored (79K)
Cookeville History Museum (1.48M)
Cookeville In Retrospect (118K)
Cookeville In Retrospect By Gertrude Whitney (169K)
Cookeville Machine Shops (25K)
Cookeville Pilot Dies In Crash At Florida Airshow (52K)
Cookeville Princess Theatre (402K)
Cookeville Regional Medical Center (117K)
Cookeville Sewing And Garden Club (61K)
Cookeville Shirt Company (378K)
Cookeville Under Its First Charter (32K)
Early History of Cookeville TN (47K)
Former Looper Home Demolished (113K)
Gerald Ford Has Ties To Cookeville (50K)
History Of Cookeville Rotary Noon Club (23K)
How Shopping Shaped Cookeville (11K)
Medal Of Valor Recipient Sean Ochsenbein (22K)
Peace Activist Hector Black Shares Life Lessons (40K)
Ralph's Donut Shop (53K)
Tradition Carries On At Ralph's (37K)
People Who Loved Ralph’s Donuts (242K)
Sarah Holloway "Cookeville Voices" (83K)
Shoppes on South Jefferson Opening Soon (47K)
Spring Street Laundromat (95K)
The Cookeville Of 55 Years Ago (32K)
Veterans Day Parade Cookeville, TN (34K)
War Veteran Recalls Days Of The Cookeville Transit Line (34K)

Cookeville Census Occupations
1860 (20K)
1870 (21K)
1880 (38K)
1900 (105K)
1910 (210K)

Brassell Family
The Brassell Hangings (626K)
The Penalty For Murder (93K)
Brassell Brothers Hanged 99 Years Ago (54K)
The Braswell Hanging By Ernest H. Boyd (17K)
The Ballad Of The Braswell Boys (182K)

Baxter Church of Christ (13K)
Baxter Methodist Church (13K)
Cane Creek Baptist Church (20K)
Caney Fork Baptist Church To Demolish Current Building (169K)
Gentry Methodist ‘Most Historic’ (13K)
First United Methodist Church (39K)
Jefferson Avenue Church Of Christ (93K)
Mattie Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church (143K)
Nash Grove Baptist Church (51K)
Pleasant Grove Methodist Church (244K)
Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Story (14K)
Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Records (54K)
Rock Springs Methodist Church (112K)
Silver Point Church-Register Of Historic Places (319K)
Spring Creek Baptist Church (391K)
Spring Creek Baptist Church Minutes (13.3M)

Former Herald-Citizen Publisher Joe Albrecht dies (132K)
Rufus W. Allen (136K)
Bobby Lee Anderson (84K)
James Montgomery Anderson (98K)
Mary Jane (Brock) Anderson (12K)
Princeton Lee Ball (44K)
Harold Bartlett (8K)
James Bartlett (6K)
Hazel Bates (6K)
Barbara Melinda Beal (6K)
Jacky Boyd (15K)
Glenn Taylor Bradford (21K)
Frank Britnell (9K)
Arnold Lester Brown (138K)
Raymond Howard 'Bull' Brown Passes Away At 100 (37K)
Jesse Hickman Buck (7K)
William Haws Buck (38K)
James Zebedee Burgess (9K)
Tommy Burks (26K)
David Alexander Burton (6K)
William Monroe Bush (5K)
Henrietta M. "Etta" (Kuykendall) Cannon (6K)
Emma Ruth Carver (4K)
Damon Collins Coburn (92K)
James “Jim” Kimble Coburn (19K)
Noble Cody (112K)
Kate Hutchison Cole (134K)
James Hollis “Jim” Copeland (16K)
Ira B. Cowan (97K)
Odell Russell Craighead (6K)
Jacob Ritchie Davis (8K)
Mary Jean (Montgomery) DeLozier (99K)
Zack Dixon (8K)
Mary "Mae" Draper (Anderson) Drake (63K)
Robert Garland Draper (11K)
Leon Thomas Delozier (152K)
Delton F. Dyal (7K)
John Dillard (J.D.) Eldridge (51K)
Charles E. Ensor (60K)
Lizzie (Rash) Ensor (4K)
Ollie (McGinness) Farmer (4K)
Izaura “Hazel” Pinto Fernandez (91K)
David Ronald "Ronnie" Fitzpatrick (49K)
Dr. Nolan Fowler (11K)
Nancy Evelyn Gallion (58K)
Wendell C. Gentry (4K)
Barbara Dean (Leftwich) Gower (21K)
Sam Howard Greenwood (44K)
James Harness (46K)
Troy Milburn Hatcher (22K)
Nettie Mae Bradford Hawkins (33K)
Ruth Mary (Perrin) Hogan (20K)
Jasper H. "Jap" Holladay (7K)
Ed Hooper (38K)
Robert Vaughn Howard (16K)
Franklin Earl Huddleston (6K)
Esquire Charles M. Huddleston (7K)
William Marlin "Outlaw" Huddleston Sr. (6K)
Willie Howard (Draper) Huddleston (15K)
Harold Everett Jackson (88K)
Jimmie Enus Jaquess (44K)
L. B. Johnson (16K)
Mancil Malvin Johnson (16K)
Ching Hsiu Kung (5K)
Steve Hershel Lake (31K)
John M. Lee (12K)
Eulene Locke (10K)
Cora (Cox) Lucas (63K)
Green Baker Massa (9K)
Rev. Billy Ray Matheney (78K)
W. J. & Anna Mills (10K)
Eleanor Drake Mitchell (445K)
Larry Dean Moore (42K)
Willard Iron Nash (11K)
Charles and Louise Nunally (136K)
Dr. Ruth Eunetta (Gentry) Osborn (71K)
Notie Mae (Herron) Pascoe (5K)
Maurine (Ensor) Patton (121K)
James Peterson (7K)
Opal (Rodgers) Phillips (6K)
Samuel Houston Proffitt (6K)
Kenneth Scott Pullum (35K)
Glen Keith Pyle (35K)
Anne Draper (Jane) Quarles (32K)
Albert Phillips Ramsey Jr. (17K)
Albert Phillips Ramsey Sr. (18K)
Estella Ray (18K)
Longtime Banking Legend Jack Pointer Ray (292K)
Robert 'Cowboy Bob' Reed II (139K)
Lehman Riggs Celebrates 100th birthday (168K)
Sgt Phillip Keith "Top" Ross (24K)
Loren A. “Sam” Sadler (6K)
Elaine (Green) Schaefer (5K)
Benjamin Jarrett Shipley (117K)
Charlie Benton Brooks Shipley (138K)
Harvey R. Shipley (9K)
Anna V. (Lewis) Smith (16K)
Dr. Melvin Owen Smith (8K)
Robert Lee (Pooster) (Pappy) Smith (6K)
Alvin "Al" Sparks (85K)
Charles Sanders Stanton Sr. (6K)
Dale Rhea Stapp (36K)
George Jefferson Stults (6K)
Roy Hugh Sullivan (72K)
Chongsuk Swong (59K)
Joan (Hendrix) Tansil (16K)
Bettye Marie (Crowell) Sullens Temple (9K)
Almarinda (Smith) Terry (60K)
Amanda Ruth (Huddleston) Torgl (19K)
Walter Ray Vaughn (6K)
Dr. Emilio Verastegui (6K)
Evollah "Bole" H. Waller (5K)
Albert “AL” Lewis Wanser (88K)
Ryan Lane Ward (49K)
John W. Welch (5K)
Eric Westin (19K)
Lige Jefferson Whiteaker (13K)
U. L. Whitson (22K)
Malcolm Ralph Williams Jr. (35K)
Martha (Summers) Willis (13K)
Thomas William Willis (107K)
Elmer Wirt (533K)
Dr. Charles R. Womack (6K)

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