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A Christmas Memory (19K)
A Playhouse in Talley Holler (19K)
A Trilogy Of Old House Memories (11K)
Crossing The Cumberland On The Jere Mitchell (96K)
Fall On The Farm And Molasses-Making (21K)
Grandma’s Shawl at Rocky Gap School (20K)
Groundhogs And Grits (17K)
Halloween - A Time For False Faces (23K)
If You Don't Get What You Want (17K)
If You Want The Butter To Come,
  You Have To Move The Dasher
Learning To Be Content In Ma-Ma Maberry’s Kitchen (85K)
More Christmas Memories (23K)
Morrison’s Creek Church and School (75K)
Morrison’s Creek Church and Singing Schools (16K)
Mrs. Kate West’s General Store (20K)
My Father Was ‘A Tough Little Knot’ (76K)
Roaring River Memories (22K)
More Roaring River Tales (26K)
Owning The Bad Choices We Have Made In Our Lives (21K)
Raccoons, Possums And Rats (21K)
Remembrances of Mom (24K)
Rocky Gap Scholars A Clever, Hardy Group (11K)
That’s The Way It Was In 1954 (20K)
The Backup on Carthage Square (31K)
The Biggest Christmas Ever (17K)
The Class Of ’62 Had Its Dreams (11K)
The Ghosts of Cherry Hill (20K)
The Important vs. The Urgent (17K)
The Lost Art Of Porch And Lawn Sitting (27K)
The Next One is Yours (17K)
Them Mules Got Heart (18K)
There Are ‘Cat People’ And There Are ‘Dog People’ (14K)
‘Tromping’ Tales (11K)
Uncle Hick Loftis And The Rawhide Rope (12K)
Uncle Wess and the Pet Snake (18K)
Washing Nasty Feet (10K)
Welcome as the Flowers in May (12K)
Wish They All Could Be California Girls (18K)
Wood Fires And ‘Assembling Yourself Together’ (16K)

Robert has several books published that can be purchased online.
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