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The American Rocket Scientist (72K)
An-Father's Legacy (33K)
An-Father's Story (17K)
An Autumn Story (98K)
The Backside Of The Story (271K)
Beach Sand, Songs and Stories (36K)
Beautiful Hearts (88K)
The Black Hills (182K)
The Boy And The Moonshiners (153K)
Breath Of Heaven (36K)
The Broken Barn Door (126K)
The Captainís Replacement (85K)
The Chaplains (59K)
The Chapel In The Shenandoah Valley (149K)
China Lake (37K)
The Classroom (233K)
Cocoa Beach (72K)
The Company Commander (72K)
The Concert (133K)
The Daughter (46K)
Deluge On The Hill (60K)
The Dipsy Doodle (124K)
Divine Intervention (228K)
Doctor Stories (51K)
The Drive-in (208K)
Dreams of Hope (38K)
The Empty Chair In The Front Yard (17K)
Faces In Stone (94K)
The Farmer And His Dog (71K)
Father Time (25K)
Fields Of Tobacco (162K)
Finding Your Dream (99K)
Footprints Of Our Lives (78K)
The Forgotten Cable (81K)
The Forgotten Garden (87K)
The Formal Invitation (209K)
From The Fire To The Moon (137K)
The Gift Of Stories (41K)
God Is Watching Us (64K)
The Honor Guard (126K)
Honor Guard Soldiers In Golden Pond (111K)
The Hope We Share (40K)
A Horse Named Harley (122K)
Ice On My Front Porch Swing (109K)
The Ice Storm (102K)
Inspiration For Any Writer (20K)
The Joy Of Walking On Air (82K)
The Kerosene Lantern (64K)
The Leafless Trees (85K)
The Leaves Of Autumn (92K)
Leprechauns, Shamrocks And The Fleur-De-Lis (102K)
The Letters (37K)
Letters And Stories (19K)
Lifeís Anchor (15K)
Long Creek (115K)
Making A Difference (21K)
The Man Behind The Curtain (88K)
Memories Of A Perpetual Student (206K)
Memories Of Catching Fireflies (136K)
Memories Of Oakhurst (113K)
Memories Of Trees And Power Lines (68K)
Mother Nature's Full Fury (133K)
The Mussler (148K)
My Bible From My Friends (142K)
My Front Porch Swing (55K)
My Magnificent Seven (60K)
My Story Of Heritage Christian Academy (139K)
The Nautical Painting (139K)
The Old Captain And The Sea (61K)
The Old House Across The Fields Of Corn (91K)
The Old Lamplighter (91K)
The Old Man's Memories And Pain (34K)
The Old Writer And His Connections (25K)
The Old Writer And His Old Kentucky Home Stories (127K)
The Ole Piano Man (11K)
On To The Next Story (94K)
Once Upon A Time In Fancy Farm (40K)
One Tin Soldier (55K)
The Order Of Things (90K)
Our Journey To Christ (110K)
The Paratrooper And The Mystery Girl (29K)
Paula, The Old Soldier And The Fort (138K)
Perseverance (27K)
Pictures, Memories, And Lanterns (114K)
A Piece Of Wood (47K)
The Plaque (51K)
Popsicle Sticks On The Christmas Tree (177K)
The Preacher Down The Road (71K)
The Quiet Soldier, From A Distance (27K)
Rainy Days (45K)
The Red Typewriter (138K)
Reflections Of My Life (81K)
The Remembrance (198K)
The Reputation (112K)
A Righteous Tackle (47K)
Rivers, Songs, And Memories (104K)
The Road To My Front Door (164K)
The Room On The Second Floor (38K)
Sailors, Ships At Sea, And The Trinity (240K)
The Sands Of Waikiki (314K)
The Sentry In The Creek (80K)
Several Days Of Christmas (71K)
A Short Walk To My Mailbox (32K)
The Shoshone Indian Girl And The Cherokee Woman (112K)
Snowbound (32K)
Soldiers, Songs, And Stories (24K)
Somewhere A Place For Us (84K)
Songs to the Father (27K)
The Sounds Of Silence (43K)
Southern Nights (68K)
Staying Useful And Creative In The Twilight Of Life (83K)
Stories At Christmas Time (156K)
Stories From The Countryside (213K)
Stories Of The Cedar Tree Keeper (49K)
The Storm (49K)
The Story Of A Giant Killer (90K)
Summer Times On The Deck (89K)
The Surrogate Grandfather (24K)
Taking On Life As It Is (90K)
The Teacher (36K)
The Telephone Line (22K)
The Tent (62K)
To Touch A Redwood (137K)
The Train Going West (95K)
The Train To New Orleans (31K)
Turn Around (79K)
The Unopened Door (27K)
Voices On The Christmas Tree (133K)
Walking With My Closest Friend (91K)
The Wayward Wind (77K)
We Had It All (120K)
The White Squirrel (64K)
The Wildhaired Hilltoppers (147K)
Wisdomís Themes (27K)
The Witness Stand (143K)
The Wooden Boat On The River (135K)
Words of Gratitude (20K)
Words On A Poster (168K)
Words Over The Copper Wire (22K)
The Writerís Corner (101K)
The Writerís Memories (81K)
The Yard Sale (122K)
Young And In Love (77K)

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