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A Brief History Of Cookeville, TN (13K)
A Putnam County Connection To The Titanic (13K)
A Look At Cookeville's Cavalry Troop A (118K)
A Look At Putnam County Gristmills (70K)
1963 A Year Of Decision For Public Education (93K)
A Tragic Love Triangle In Jackson County, TN (12K)
A Portrait Of The Free Hill Community And School (13K)
Aunt Polly Williams (107K)
Battle Of Dug Hill A Bloody Mystery (12K)
Battle Of Dug Hill: Putnam’s Only Major Skirmish, 150 Years Ago (100K)
Battle of Waterloo Falls (12K)
The Brothers McMillin And Their Star Pupil (106K)
The Caney Fork Wonder (16K)
Chronicling A Pioneer Putnam Family - The Wassons (12K)
Civil War Doctors In The Upper Cumberland (16K)
Civil War Hero John Wilder Settled In Monterey (212K)
The Civil War In The Upper Cumberland (Part 1) (17K)
The Coffee Family And The Civil War (62K)
Col. Sidney Smith Stanton (124K)
Cookeville Caves A Fascination For Many (16K)
Cookeville’s First Medical ‘Doctors’? (13K)
Cordell Hull - History Of A Man And Place (57K)
Country Doctors (110K)
Davy Crockett’s Brother (47K)
Dr. Dora Lee Wilder Smith Of Monterey (79K)
Dr. William Calvin Dickinson III (25K)
Doomed Slue Was Scene Of Fishing Adventure (24K)
During The War Of 1812 (14K)
Exploring Jackson County’s Frontier Town, Old Columbus (13K)
Feds Can Learn A Lesson From the Fall of Buffalo Valley Bank (62K)
The 14th Colored Infantry: Black Union Soldiers (13K)
Frozen River Stops The Ferry But Not The Mail (65K)
General George Gibbs Dibrell And The 8th Cavalry (48K)
Hale Family Piano Is The Angel In The House (34K)
Hale’s Union Support Lead Him To Flee Upper Cumberland (235K)
Hutchings College Most Important White County School (12K)
If The Old Cabinet Could Speak (70K)
Is Lincoln’s Grandfather Buried In Jackson County? (46K)
It’s True What They Say: An Elephant Never Forgets (15K)
Importance Of The Upper Cumberland During The War Of 1812 (14K)
James H. Ballenger (36K)
John Jordan Gore (54K)
Lografting An Important Mode Of Transportation (52K)
Love And Death In Jackson County, TN (13K)
Lynching In Tennessee In The 19th Century (9K)
The Many Accomplishments Of Duvone Dale (78K)
Memories Of My Days At Baxter Seminary (127K)
Moses Fisk: The Upper Cumberland’s First Antiquarian (76K)
The Murder Of Dr. Julian (17K)
My Great-Grandfather Was Killed By An Outlaw (23K)
The Mysteries Of Benjamin Blackburn (13K)
Old Tinch Grist Mill Restored By Kenneth King (57K)
People of the Upper Cumberland: Achievements and Contradictions (31K)
The Petrified Man Of Jackson County (10K)
Philomath Academy (10K)
Putnam County's Standing Stone Mystery (320K)
Rail Workers Face Impending Danger (13K)
The Robbers’ Cave – An Accounting Of Disappearances In Putnam (13K)
Robinson Crusoe Buck (78K)
Rural Peddlers Of Long Ago (10K)
Sampson Williams (16K)
Searching For My Great-Aunt Dora (53K)
The Siege of Waterloo (15K)
Sgt. Alvin C. York In WWII (79K)
Sgt. York's Speech At The 1939 World's Fair (67K)
Shawnee Leader Tecumseh (53K)
Six Months of Hard ‘Painting’ (49K)
Sixty Years Of Cookeville First United Methodist Church (40K)
Spirited Engagement In White County During Civil War (18K)
Standing Stone Monolith Still An Icon (239K)
The Story Of Cordell Hull (11K)
The Supreme Court Justice You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: John Catron (50K)
Tax Collectors And Sinners: Moonshine In The Upper Cumberland (41K)
Tennessee Teens Contributed Much To The Civil War At A Young Age (16K)
Terror in Tennessee (106K)
Truth, Honor, Loyalty, Service (28K)
Union Forces (14K)
Was County Namesake Israel Putnam A Person? (60K)
William Gilbert Gaul (70K)
William Tyler (25K)
World War I And The Upper Cumberland (40K)
WWII And Public Health At Home (173K)
Yet Another History Of Holladay School (94K)

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