Back History Wars & Insurrections

1890 Veterans Census Abstract (19K)
Bacon's Rebellion (15K)
Battle of King's Mountain (22K)
Benjamin Jarrett Shipley (117K)
Bob Mann Donates WWII B-20 Collection (35K)
Bombs Away (159K)
Capt. Marmaduke Norfleet Cox (12K)
Civil War in the Upper Cumberland of Tennessee (18K)
Civil War Losses Battle of Perryville, KY (274K)
Civil War Records (30K)
Civil War Soldiers From Putnam Co., TN (732K)
Col. John H. Savage & the CSA Memorial (765K)
Confederate Monument Dedication (38K)
Confederate Sub Crew Funeral (83K)
Cpl. Brad Preston McCormick (146K)
Elmo Dooley Shot Down In WWII (63K)
Fort Nashborough (123K)
General Felix K. Zollicoffer with ref. to my
 GG-Grandfather Riley W. Anderson
Gerhard Hennes (34K)
German Baby-Boomer Recalls (40K)
Isham Hansford Bilbrey (79K)
James Hollis Simmons (73K)
Jim Ganson Navy Veteran WWII, Korea, And Vietnam (33K)
John LaFever (23K)
Joseph Lentini Aboard The U.S.S. Liberty (132K)
‘Last Battles’ A War Book About Families (23K)
Let The Drums Roll (141K)
Life Aboard The U.S.S. Hornet (119K)
Livingston Soldier First Casualty Of Vietnam (167K)
Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (16K)
Old Confederates 1912 Group (69K)
Paul W. Tibbets Jr. (86K)
Pre-Civil War Diary Shows Value Of Media (8K)
Putnam County Laid Three Heroes To Rest This Year (595K)
Putnam County, TN World War II Casualties (19K)
Remembering Guadalcanal (39K)
Silver Point Cemetery Memorial Day Program (113K)
Silver Point Community Center Honors Veterans (52K)
Some Venerable Tennesseans (19K)
Survivor of the U.S.S. Liberty (30K)
The Truth About Thomas J. Stowers (67K)
The War of 1812 (70K)
The War of 1812 - Maggart (171K)
Thomas J. Stowers & Little Big Horn (172K)
Veteran Honor Guard, TN (662K)
Veterans Honored By Washington Trip (102K)
Victor Humeniuk (94K)
William Henderson Brown (98K)
Word War II Veterans Unite (53K)
WWI Veterans of Buffalo Valley & Silver Point (15K)
Young Rebels Killed On Way Home After War (160K)

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