Back History Buffalo Valley, TN

Anna Pearl (Jared) High (9K)
Apple Orchards (241K)
Brown House Poem (7K)
Buffalo Valley - Double Springs -
 Silver Point & Boma, TN
Buffalo Valley - Jeptha Tubb Askew III (280K)
Buffalo Valley - Putnam County, TN (43K)
Buffalo Valley - Then and Now (274K)
Buffalo Valley by Jacky McCaleb (28K)
Buffalo Valley Community Center 2006 (395K)
Buffalo Valley Community Center 2007 (1.50M)
Buffalo Valley Community Center 2008 (1.79M)
Buffalo Valley Community Center 2009 (1.65M)
Buffalo Valley Community Center 2010 (2.75M)
Buffalo Valley Community Center 2011 (1.10M)
Buffalo Valley Community Center 2012 (1.96M)
Buffalo Valley Community Center 2013 (1.83M)
Buffalo Valley Community Center 2014 (1.21M)
Buffalo Valley Community Center 2015 (59K)
Buffalo Valley Group Photos (231K)
Buffalo Valley Historical Home (954K)
Buffalo Valley Homecoming 2007 (83K)
Buffalo Valley Home Demonstration Club (60K)
Buffalo Valley in the News (1.55M)
Buffalo Valley Ledger Project (314K)
Buffalo Valley Library (1.34M)
Buffalo Valley News (79K)
Buffalo Valley on Fire (9K)
Buffalo Valley Presbyterian Church (7K)
Buffalo Valley Records (7K)
Buffalo Valley Reunion 1929-2009 (166K)
Buffalo Valley School (154K)
Buffalo Valley, TN (231K)
Buffalo Valley, Victim Of Many Disasters (6K)
Carolyn Anne (Sutton) Richards Obt. (15K)
Center Hill Dam Progress (80K)
Communities Encouraged To Preserve History (53K)
Denny’s Memorial Methodist Church (323K)
Denny’s Seminary Memorial Church (88K)
Descendants Of John Armstrong Burch (18K)
Early Impressions Of Old Carthage (27K)
Erlene Mikitka - A force in Buffalo Valley (232K)
Exit 268, Buffalo Valley TN (156K)
Faded Images Yield To A New Wave Of Vigor (72K)
Gallant Bartlett (71K)
Gene S. Medley Story (128K)
Greetings From Buffalo Valley (571K)
Historic Home Being Renovated - 2002 (640K)
Historical Marker for Buffalo Valley School (265K)
Hopewell Baptising (81K)
Horace Jared (5K)
J. B. Leftwich Obituary (28K)
J. T. Askew Interview 2006 (40K)
James Rae Denny (202K)
Jared-Fields Wedding (208K)
Jess Douglas Farmer Obt. (24K)
John Casslin "Cass" Haggard's Biography (8K)
John Nelson Haggard's Biography (39K)
John T. Pullum (55K)
Joshua Bartlett (451K)
Lewis Cass Leftwich Obt. (7K)
Matthew Cowan (70K)
Mattie Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church (143K)
Maybury To Compete At Prestigious Meet (55K)
McGinness Family (140K)
Memories of Buffalo Valley (222K)
My Life In Buffalo Valley by Keeble Phillips Tucker (159K)
Old Village Schoolhouse A Fount Of New Possibilities (11K)
Our Old House (74K)
Preserving the History of Buffalo Valley (200K)
Progress Doomed Buffalo Valley (13K)
Reflecting On Buffalo Valley School (348K)
Rev. James Robert Clayton (67K)
Story of Rev. James R. Clayton (337K)
Robert (Bulldog) Givens Obt. (5K)
Robert Shanks Receives Major Farm Bureau Honor (33K)
Sensational Shooting (419K)
Silver Point Church-Register Of Historic Places (319K)
Stout-Denny Wedding (49K)
Sundial Sculpture (63K)
The Day the Buffalo Returned to Buffalo Valley (115K)
The Defense And Times Of Myrtle Hurst Barnes (472K)
The Return of the Buffalo (82K)
Thomas Whitley Amonette Obt. (5K)
Treasures Of Putnam County (354K)
Trip Along Caney Fork (40K)
Walter R. Shank's Store (193K)
Where Buffalo Roamed (223K)
Will Of J. D. Evans (4K)
William Jared Cemetery (60K)
William Simon Shanks Family (1.56M)
Wortham Soloman Sanders (12K)

Dr Samuel Denton
A Tribute to Dr. Samuel Denton (6K)
Depositors Didn't Lose Money When Bank Closed (9K)
Dr. Sam Denton Tells About Buffalo Valley (15K)
Dr. Samuel Denton Story (114K)
Samuel Denton Land Deed (8K)
Seminary Students Visit Dr. Denton (5K)
Typical Country Doctor Celebrates 78th Birthday (14K)
When Banks Paid Their Tabs (9K)

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