James Nelson Maddux Family Photo

This 1895 photo shows the home and family of James Nelson Maddux and wife Eudora Jared Maddux. This house which is still standing is located on Indian Creek, Putnam Co., TN. Members of the Maddux family shown from the left include Maude Snowden Davis, Henry Brady, Eudora, James Nelson, Robert Lee, Samuel Denton, Ernest Haywood, James Tillman, Solon, and Willie Myrtle.

Picture courtesy of Mrs. Jared Maddux.
Pictured in the book Pictorial History of Putnam Co., TN - pg. 197.

Udora/Eudora (Jared) Maddux

b. 26 December 1852, Putnam Co., TN
d. 17 February 1925, Putnam Co., TN
Husband: James Nelson Maddux, 25 May 1871
Father: Josiah Jared (1815-1898)
Mother: Frances Woodbury Bennett (1833-1883)
Buried: Maddux Cemetery, Putnam Co., TN,
located east of Buffalo Valley on W. W. Shanks farm.
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Tombstone Photo

Tombstone Photo