Lloyd Vaughn

b. 9 August 1905
d. 17 June 1916
Father: Amos Jordan "Jord" Vaughn (1879-1952)
Mother: Mary Josephine "Josie" Gibson (1872-1956)
Buried: Bloomington Cemetery, Putnam Co., TN

Card of Thanks: We wish to extend to our many friends and to all good people of Bloomington our most sincere thanks and appreciation for their kindness and many favors shown us at the death of our dear little son, Lloyd. A. J. and Josie Vaughn. Source: Herald, TN: 22 June 1916

DC: 18th Dist., Putnam Co., TN, Lloyd Vaughn, age 6 "Died from injury accidental puncture of the skull from horse kicked, died at 7:00 p.m." Attended by: W. S. Farmer, M. D., Cookeville, TN. Undertaker: W. S. Brown, Bloomington Springs, TN.

Tombstone Photo
Sleep on dear Lloyd and take they rest,
God called thee home, he thought it best