Back History WHUB Radio WHUB Sign

Brent Fleshman of WHUB (39K)
Clear Channel Buyout Won't Affect Local Stations (57K)
Conservation Awards go to Putnam Farmers (76K)
Luke Medley & WHUB Radio (526K)
Mosier’s Beacon Restaurant (5K)
Museum Exhibit Celebrates 75 Years Of WHUB Radio (12K)
Singing Quartet (53K)
Station Back On The Air (81K)
Tennessee Valley Playboys (396K)
A Program of Sacred Music Broadcast 1940 (183K)
Putnam Radio Pioneer To Be In Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame (32K)
WHUB Sold to Paxson (10K)
WHUB Uses RCA Transmitter Type 250 (218K)
The Wilmoth Quartet (31K)
WHUB’s 6th Anniversary (9K)

John Harvey Carr's Thesis
Small Market Radio: A Case Study (1.6M)

WHUB's 50th Anniversary
1940 Pivotal For Putnam (19K)
AM-FM Bring Wide Variety (31K)
Broadcast Family (34K)
CBS Brought World Close (26K)
Clark, Harvey Bring Music (68K)
Davidson, Burgess In 28th Year (35K)
Entertaining Music in Early Hits (43K)
Fair Time Nears (4K)
Farm, Home News (4K)

WHUB's 50th Anniversary
Features, Hourly News CBS Focus (24K)
Local and National Sports (33K)
Local Commitment Remains Major Objective (76K)
Louise Medley Answers 'WHUB' (18K)
Medley A Pioneer in Public Service (49K)
Medley Took Friendís Advice (23K)
Mott Oversees Station (16K)
News and News (4K)
Radio An Infant In '40 (15K)
Recalling Beginnings (76K)
Satellites Aid Operation (4K)
Spectacular Headlined WHUB Opening (17K)
Station Faced Lean Years (4K)
Station Put Cookeville On Radio Map (21K)
Thank You (5K)
Trivia Tests Your Memories (47K)
Vol Football Nears (15K)
WHUB Born Into a World At War (38K)
WHUB Commitment: Public Service (57K)
WHUB Filled Void Here (30K)
Work Tells WHUB History (17K)

WHUB's 70th Anniversary
WHUB Radio Station Celebrates 70th Anniversary (44K)

Eldon Leon Burgess (17K)
Oliver Eugene Davidson (30K)
Lily May (Gibson) Hawks (12K)

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