Dr. Luther Martin Freeman Home

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Pictorial History of Putnam County, TN: pg. 187.

Well over a 100 yrs. old, this home was owned and built by Dr. Luther Martin Freeman, a popular medical doctor who practiced both in Putnam and Jackson Counties. This house is located on Martin's Creek in Putnam Co., TN about 3 miles from Granville. Dr. Freeman's son-in-law, Paul Thompson, lives there now.

In 1905 Dr. Luther Martin Freeman graduated from the University of Tennessee Medical School in Nashville. He came to Granville on horseback in 1906 to set up his practice. He married local girl Ethel Maddux and settled into the community. Dr. Freeman practiced medicine until shortly before his death at the age of 94.

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Dr. Luther Martin Freeman House, Granville, TN.

Dr. Luther M. Freeman (1879-1973) was a practicing physician in Granville for 67 years.

He performed dual roles in the community, as he was also Granville's longest-serving postmaster.

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Dr. Luther Martin Freeman's office in Granville, TN.